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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Meeting Management


A modern and convenient way to manage meetings

Modern law firms that do not use IT tools to manage meetings face a number of potential problems:

The meeting agenda is sent late and participants can’t prepare properly

No reminder is sent so people forget about the meeting

The implementation of decisions made during a meeting is too slow

All of these can potentially reduce a firm’s efficiency whilst also increasing its costs. Meeting management offers a modern and convenient way to manage meetings and reduce hassle.

  • Collects questions and facilitates each participants agreement on the preparation of an agreed meeting agenda
  • Initiates meetings and invites participants directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Distributes the agenda and all relevant information to participants in advance
  • Sends relevant follow-up to participants immediately after the meeting so that stakeholders can take appropriate action without delay
  • Creates and assigns tasks to implement any decisions made

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