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HRlogix Management Solution

HR Logix Management Solution


Helps to reduce paperwork by 80%

The HR technology solution is an all-in-one completely flexible HR platform to support the ever-changing needs of the modern HR environment. This is a one-stop-shop for employee self-management as well as an invaluable resource for HR managers, supervisors, department heads and business owners – ideal for employers of any size. It comes fully equipped with features and functionality to help you conform with GDPR requirements.


100% Transparency and control of personnel documents


80% Less routine paperwork associated with human resources management


69% Improved user experience for employees, managers, and HR teams


50% Less time spent processing employee information and answering questions

HRlogix Diagram

Our HR Logix system provides

Why choose HR Logix from Accesspoint?

HR Logix is a business-friendly and adaptive interface, personalised dashboards and view depending on permissions and individual roles, a set of ready to use automated HR workflows, the highest levels of personalised security and a full digital toolkit to meet your HR needs.

  • Manages personnel documents separately from other documents in the company.
  • Creates strict control for access to personnel documents.
  • Sorts personnel documents (by employee, by document type, etc.).
  • Sends reminders about the ending of fixed-term contracts.
  • Easily introduces staff to new procedures by entering a new document into the system.
  • Shows what procedures were reviewed by whom and when.

Human Resources management solution, an enterprise solution available for small, mid-sized to enterprise organisations.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Personalised dashboards
  • Email integration (receive HR related tasks and notifications) straight to your inbox
  • The highest security (role based access for each team member)
  • Scalability to easily enrich your HR platform with other apps:

Benefits by role

  • submit an absence application from anywhere
  • see the remaining number of holiday days available
  • track requests
  • manage assigned tasks
  • access all personal documents (contract, certificates, 
emergency contacts etc.) from anywhere
  • Easily manage all information (career and development plans, documents, notifications)
  • Send HR related tasks to employees and managers
  • Set reminders
  • Get smart insights from the system for quicker 
decision making
  • Access a calendar view of staff absences across 
the business
  • Automate and manage recruitment processes
  • Build and manage a CV database
  • Control Bradford scale rank (excessive absence 
algorithm for sickness leave)
  • Easily manage employee requests
  • Make decisions to approve staff leave based on a calendar view of all employee leave by team,
  • division etc.
  • Set security settings according the business role
  • Follow the helicopter view across all departmental staff
  • Control available resources for certain periods
  • Manage due dates of the documents in relation to subordinates (certificates, licenses, etc.)
  • Easily extract different types of reports (different categories and characteristics)
  • Effectively perform search using metadata and text type document content search (including the most commonly used formats as PDF, MS Word, MS, Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Follow document lifecycle (metadata change and document versioning)

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