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The iPad era

The iPad era

What will the mass uptake of the iPad and other such devices achieve over the next few years? And what will that mean for the legal sector? It means an exciting opportunity to tap into brand new and previously unexposed markets.

The internet has turned us into an ‘always on’ nation. There are those in society now who have been raised on the principle of being able to access everything they need online. This new generation, research everything online, from school, college and university work to the products and services they buy. The online recommendation of products and services will become king. A survey undertaken by Peppermint Technology under the stewardship of Arlene Adams recently found that nearly one quarter of people would turn to the web when researching a legal issue, product or service. That is second only to a personal recommendation.

In the past few short years we have seen the monumental rise of Twitter. According to some research conducted by Orange Business there has been a huge increase in the number of people making use of Twitter over the past couple of years specifically seeking recommendations for professional services. That’s a 663% rise on the previous two years for this particular type of activity. Orange said small businesses are missing a trick if they don’t have their eye on Twitter feeds.

To emphasise the impact that social media has had upon us as a society, take a brief look at some staggering statistics. These were compiled in a recent survey by social media PR firm Umph.

More than half of UK pensioners are now on Facebook
37.4 million UK adults use Facebook regularly
32.1 million UK adults use YouTube regularly
15.5 million UK adults are on Twitter
7.9 million UK adults are on LinkedIn
6.7 million UK adults are on Flickr

These are truly astonishing numbers. 10 years ago few if any of these services even existed, such is the pace of change. On this basis we simply must consider and then reconsider how we tap into the world of social networking. It really is the next level or stage of human interaction.

These forums are being used as the modern day means to spread by word of mouth; a means of free communication with a reach far greater than the more costly methods of placing adverts and entries into such archaic offline publications like the Yellow Pages, or local and national newspapers.