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Strategic Systems Development – An IT strategy is a way of describing how you are going to get things done. It is less specific than an action plan which perhaps outlines the ‘who’ and the ‘when’. A well developed IT strategy should aim to broadly answer the question, “How do we get there from here?”

If we base our needs for the future on operational processes that we still use today – we are assuming that the future will be similar to the past. This is dangerous; very few practices can say today that their future will be like their past. Most know that the future will be different. The only certainty we have is that the processes we need then will be quite different from the processes we use today. This brings us to a very important principle for change:

Design for tomorrow not on operational processes still used today. We have to design for tomorrow by using new reusable activities and processes that are tailored for the Internet environment – which represents your present and your future – so that you can respond in seconds or minutes, not in days or weeks.
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You must design for a future where the only thing that remains constant – is change itself.

Think about your Strategic Systems Development plan, with a good IT strategy that will take into account all of the existing barriers your firm faces, be that financial resources, people, hardware or software. It will also stay within and be driven by, the overall vision, mission, and objectives of your firm. The IT strategy should not be the driver of the business goals but rather assist in their delivery. As automation becomes ever more prevalent within the Legal environment as an obvious means of reducing administrative overhead and cost, a strong IT development strategy is a must.

Our consultancy team will work tirelessly to help you and your practice achieve your business ambitions in a timely, well structured, meaningful way.

Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.