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Client and Cost Management System

//Client and Cost Management System

Client and Cost Management System

Sir Bill Callaghan recently stated that the LSC is planning to introduce more mechanisms for online working, with a focus upon the granting of Legal aid and improved mechanisms related to the way in which bills and claims are to be paid.

Piloted in the North West, the LSC have called Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), and they seem quite excited about it. The expected key benefits of the new CCMS will be things like:

Reduction of paper submissions saving time and money by facilitating the submitting of applications online. Reduction in duplicated submissions and errors within those submissions by advanced use of electronic validation routines. In other words, the system will not let you submit an application unless you have completed all relevant sections. The system will pre-populate many forms-based data fields from your client’s master case record. The system also facilitates the simple submission of such things as further evidence electronically, and will even prompt you with an outstanding action notification, in effect alerting you of the LSC’s additional requirements. Once certificates have been granted, you will receive a notification that you can download a copy for your records directly from the system. Finally, you will have the ability to submit requests directly to the LSC using the system, which will negate the need to send ad hoc uncontrolled emails, which should also reduce the need to place phone calls about your case or bill.

The LSC believes that this will create a single online processing environment, where, once an application has been submitted into the system, your application or bill will join a queue to be picked up by the next available, qualified caseworker for processing – and this is regardless of location.

Early indications from providers and external stakeholders suggests that the system is intuitive and easy to navigate.